Haroog! Ey, Woimy’s back

Haroog! Ey, Woimy’s back — if you read Dragon magazine back in the late 70s or early 80s, you may have seen a strangely wonderful fantasy comic about dragons, imps, and ogres with New Jersey accents, and a hillbilly cyclops.

This site collects (low-quality but still readable) scans of dozens of Wormy pages. I remember as a 13 year old child being fascinated and befuddled by this one… completely out of context, it was the only issue of Dragon I owned for a long time… Look at that last page! LOOK at it! THAT is fantasy art!

The creator of Wormy, and a lot of the best art in the original Advanced Dungeons & Dragons books, David A. Trampier, disappeared in 1988. There was apparently considerable doubt in the gaming community as to whether he was even alive or had met some sudden end, though most commentary on the issue I see on the web holds to the notion that he is in fact alive and just rendered himself unfindable and uncontactable by anyone who knew him through gaming. One of those weird mysteries of roleplaying games.

Anyway, I’m gonna have to browse through all these and find out exactly what was going on with Wormy…

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  1. I have been sad to see that the later Wormy strips at that site [haroog] are no longer available, c. issue 84[?] and later.

    Anyone know of a way to contact that site owner? I’d tried several months ago, and have gotten no replies.

    Any other ‘Wormy Archive’ -type sites.

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