If Bustin Rhymes Wuz an Arcade Game

DJ Format, Abdominal, and D-Sisive play the game. Sweet!

I’m familiar with Abdominal & Format from Ruben Fleischer‘s site. (Both that Abdominal and that Format video I highly recommend. The Format one has been widely linked as a “Furry music video,” but it’s so much more than that! MC’ed by 2 members of Jurassic 5, Chali 2na and Akil, whom apparently if I had any hip hop clues I would have heard of.)

All Quicktime videos.

Whoa… apparently one of J5’s DJs is Cut Chemist. Where have I heard that name before? Aha! Searching for Tackhead I ran across an album by “Cut Chemist and Shortkut” which includes the track “Fats Comet’s Tackhead Beat” — Fats Comet was the original name of Tackhead. Interesting. I have no idea what that Cut Chemist/Shortkut track is about, but that’s why I’ve heard of Cut Chemist before.

Everything is connected to everyone is connected to everything…

Having tracked that down, I need to sleep.