Ellen Langer on NPR!

Ellen Langer, whose book The Power of Mindful Learning is one of the most deeply influential books I’ve ever read, is right now on the Diane Rehm show!

Show archive here. (It won’t actually be archived for another couple hours.)

5 thoughts on “Ellen Langer on NPR!”

  1. Was the DRshow segment a worthwhile introduction to Langer’s thinking? In other words, worth listening to?

  2. I almost always enjoy the people she has on her show, but it pains me to no end to hear her own voice on the air. Maybe it’s because I’m in radio. I can only imagine she’s very very good at what she does.

  3. I’d say yes, Nate — with the qualification that it’s just a short chatty radio show and never gets that deep.

  4. I actually suspected as much, which made me think she’s very good at what she does. To be able to overcome something like that with pure ability is admirable.

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