The Tax Heist

From pk at Puddingbowl, quoting Kevin Drum:

“So: raise payroll taxes on the middle class to create a surplus, then cut taxes on the rich to wipe out the surplus and create a deficit, and then sorrowfully announce that the resulting deficits mean that the Social Security benefits already paid for by the middle class need to be cut.”

It makes me sad to hear about these things, because I wish I lived in a nation that was committed to using government as a means for the more fortunate to take care of the less fortunate. Now we’re willing to spend any money to use government as a means to hurt people, but when it comes to the government helping people, well, that’s too rich for our blood anymore. Even if we’ve already paid for it — sorry, we used that money to fund a gigantic tax cut for the rich, and wars.

It just makes me sad.