The power to buy anything — and feel good about it.
Will it be merely an incremental improvement? Will we simply increase the storage capacity of an existing product and increase the price? Or will we remove features and capacity and reduce the price? It doesn’t matter. We’ll still trumpet it as a brand new product, and you’ll buy it. You know you’ll want it. And you know you’ll pay big for it. Steve Jobs could take a dump, put it in an off-white plastic case, add two grey buttons and a small LCD display, and you’d pay $600 for it. Just fucking admit it.

via mph, the second thing that he’s IMed me today that makes me remember why deep down I’m not a real Mac user. Because I don’t have that kind of spare cash. I’ve never bought a Mac computer new. I don’t own an iPod. I’m not one of the real mac people. And yet, I’m pretty happy with my mac, object to it on some grounds though I might. Sure better than freaking Winders. And it’s sure less pain and hassle than Linux… mostly anyway. What can you do.

Update: rebuttal, not as funny as the iProduct one, IMO.