Incredible Beatles mashup mixes 40+ different tracks (BoingBoing)

Incredible Beatles mashup mixes 40+ different tracks: “Cory Doctorow:
Hank sez, ‘Where ordinary mash-up mixes mix two or perhaps three songs, this mix is made up by appx 40 Beatles songs, with sometimes five different songs playing at the same time. A must hear!’ I concur; this is mind-blowingly amazing. Man, all these Beatles mash-ups this year are really making me yearn for my old Beatles vinyl. I especially love the juxtosition in this track of the old skiffle-Beatles with the later psychedelia. Soo-poib.

5MB MP3 Link

(Thanks, Hank!)

PS: I am reasonably certain that this server will be shortly overwhelmed. If you’ve got a mirror, email me and I’ll post a link to it. However, I have no such mirror, so if you find yourself unable to get a copy, don’t look at me!”

I’m listening to this right now. It’s crazy cool incredible. I’ll upload it to my own server and drop a link to it in email to anyone who wants a copy — but I’m not sure enough of my bandwidthosity to volunteer to be a mirror for Cory. :) email me at edheil at fastmail dot fm to get a copy.

(Via Boing Boing Blog.)