Taking “He-Man” WAYYY Too Seriously

From ConceptArt.org, a series of sketches and paintings for a redesign of the He-Man characters.

I was too old when it came on to ever think of He-Man as anything but completely cheeseball. I still was young enough to watch it, but I wasn’t young enough to even begin to suspend disbelief.

Apparently some people who are now good artists were young enough to suspend disbelief, and grew up wanting to make He-Man grow up with them.

This is really cool stuff (some of it not safe for work) but it just seems so wrong to give the Brom treatment to that cheesy little kids’ cartoon. It reminds me of the “American McGee’s Strawberry Shortcake” comic that got the Penny Arcade guys in such trouble.

Via Uncle Bear

2 thoughts on “Taking “He-Man” WAYYY Too Seriously”

  1. Did you see the Skelator on the cover page? He has him doing a traditional girly type pose with his legs …. odd.

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