FRONTLINE: nuclear reaction: Why the French Like Nuclear Energy

FRONTLINE: nuclear reaction: Why the French Like Nuclear Energy

Say what you like about nuclear power, at this point it would be a lot safer to invest in than to hope against hope the oil doesn’t run out.

Reading this makes me a bit ashamed of the way America deals with energy issues. Not only that but how it deals with communication with its own people about major infrastructure issues that affect the country. For all the controversy about storage of nuclear waste in France, can you imagine how corrupt and deranged that would be if it happened here?

My physics teacher in high school, Mr. Jipping, was very pro-nuclear power. His reasoning was that it’s the only thing that we’ve currently got the technology for that has any chance of providing anything even a little bit close to the energy we demand of oil. So the question is not whether we go nuclear, it’s when. Right now, with planning and forethought and some time to spare, or when the oil runs out, desperately and quickly and with no time to worry about little things like “safety.”

Sounds like the French will be sitting pretty then.

Don’t worry though. We’ll invade and take all their uranium.

If a Republican is still in power… which seems likely, for the forseeable future.