Write a HTTP server, become fixated upon by deranged repo men

Funny and scary. it’s all here, via memepool.

Summary: some repo guy who thinks he’s living in a Hollywood thriller gets his site hacked. Somebody is discussing the hack on a Russian hacker BBS. The BBS or some site associated with it happens to run thttpd, which Jef Poskanzer wrote, so it contains a link to his home page. Jef owns acme.com, which once offered email redirection. Another repo guy on the internet, named Dave, happened to use an acme.com account before Jef shut down the redirection.

From this the repo guys (“investigative savants” as Dave later put it when he was brought into the conversation) concluded that Dave had hired Jef to hack the repo guy’s website.

And hilarity ensued, and also creepiness (such as looking up Jef’s personal info and harassing his relatives and neighbors).

The intarweb’s a dangerous place.

So is the mind of a deranged repo man.