One of Many Pieces of Evidence of Vote Fraud Disputed

Wired News: Florida E-Vote Study Debunked — A lot of braindead sites like MetaFilter are trumpeting the fact that somebody disagreed with this analysis as some kind of “case closed” nail in the coffin.

In fact, this study was not the only reason to suspect fraud in the elections; well known mathematician John Allen Paulos (author of “Innumeracy”) points to another paper which suggests something is up, and the folks at and will be happy to point you to many other reasons to worry about whether we in fact still have a democracy.

And let’s not forget Keith Olbermann‘s work at MSNBC.

Incidentally, Olbermann and BlackBoxVoting agree that the “I was paid to fix the vote” whistleblower piece that’s making the rounds is just plain silly, to the point that it makes you wonder if it’s a Karl Rove style dirty trick to co-opt the outrage over actual evidence of vote fraud into a debunkable hoax about vote fraud and thereby destroy it.

Hey, it worked on Dan Rather….

2 thoughts on “One of Many Pieces of Evidence of Vote Fraud Disputed”

  1. This is only tangentally related, and may even warrent its own blog post.

    Have you seen anything in your research about what would happen if it were proven that Bush was elected through fraud halfway through the term? Has there ever been anything discussed in that vein in history?

    My question is less about Bush/Kerry than about election rules in general I guess.

  2. The decision on what to do would probably fall to a Republican congress and a Republican Supreme Court. He would serve out his term.

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