Mac Wack Keyboard Attack

For the last few days, approximately once a day, my keyboard has completely stopped working on this Titanium Powerbook G4/500. I can still switch apps with command-tab, but I can’t type any words. Anywhere.

The first time this happened I was running several exotic enhancers, like DragThing and WindowShade X and uControl and stuff, so I toasted ’em all (especially uControl, as it is a kernel-level hack that affects the keyboard). Now I’m not running with anything unusal except Quicksilver (which I wasn’t running before), and I’ve had the same thing happen a couple times. Suddenly, no type-ee, no how. And a reboot fixes it.

Anyone ever heard of this?

(No, it’s not the numlock key. I do that sometimes, but this isn’t that.)

2 thoughts on “Mac Wack Keyboard Attack”

  1. Ed- I have absolutely no help for you. But, it does sound like you are running lots of interesting plugins / utils. When things get patched back together, how about a Mac utils discussion post. Best / worst / most useful.

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