Fallin’ For Javascript

I just finished the “Core Language” section of the Javascript Rhino Book. , which I got via a birthday gift certificate from my family. I am completely falling in love with this language. Sure, it’s got somewhat ugly C-like syntax, no builtin foreach loop for arrays, and some minor warts involving primitive types, but the whole “everything is an object, even a function” and “objects are essentially associative arrays, like Perl hashes and Python dictionaries” thing is very cool.

I don’t have any practical knowledge yet — just the core langauge, not the stuff you actually use to do cool stuff in browsers, but I really like the core language.

3 thoughts on “Fallin’ For Javascript”

  1. When Netscape still hoped to make a living selling web server software, their server software could ONLY talk to external databases with server side javascript. Crazy, man.

  2. It’s just a dead cool language. I like the fact that if the Document object doesn’t have a method I wish it had, I can write it and assign it to Document.prototype at runtime.

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