Who Took My Frog

The lostfrog.org internet meme turns out to be about a toy frog from McDonalds, not a real frog, and it was lost by a 16 year old autistic boy, not a small child.

Lost stuffed animals are really sad. My son’s most beloved, security-providing, always-with-him object was a stuffed lion (named Lion), given to him for his first birthday by my mom. He took it with him when we visited Iowa City this spring/summer, and it got lost. We at first thought it was in the hotel, but they never found it (they sent us a different stuffed lion that they found…), and we now suspect that it was lost somewhere in downtown Iowa City, maybe near the park.

That was a lot for a three year old to bear, especially when the hotel told us they found it and they mailed it to us and we went to pick it up and we opened the box and it wasn’t Lion, it was some other lion.

I’d pay a lot to get that lion back.

I’ve considered trying to find a duplicate but I don’t know what brand it was or anything; all I know is it was bought two and a half years ago at Wal-mart or something. And I’m not sure a duplicate would help.