Best Summary Yet Of Election Anomalies

Via private email from Pferdzwackür, this paper gives the best summary yet of the reason this exit poll thing has to be looked into.

Basically it lays down the case that exit polls being this systematically flawed, on the face of it, is about a 1 in 250,000,000 longshot. It may be that the exit polls were that flawed for some reason, but in the absence of a complete demonstration of exactly how they were flawed and why (involving the complete release of their data), the notion that the election was stolen is actually the likeliest hypothesis, despite a lot of pooh-poohing by the media.

I’d quote more but I don’t feel like navigating my way around the annoying “copy and paste disabling” DRM mechanism in the PDF file, or typing it all out by hand. Stupid proprietary software.