Unjustified Offings

Every so often I get to being so angry and upset about politics that it starts tearing me apart, and I have to do something mildly to intensely crazy to protect myself. On the extreme end I go and kill my blog and hide from the world. On the mild end I cull out of my newsreader all the blogs that bring me the news that makes me angry. I lose a lot of good blogs that way. Some of them I remember to bring back when I’m feeling better, some I don’t, but it’s quite an unjustified offing of blogs.

Unqualified Offerings was one of the blogs that was too good to survive, so it disappeared a few purges ago. I just remembered to bring it back. Happy me. Henley’s a friend of a very old friend, a libertarian without quite being one of THOSE libertarians, a smart guy and a gamer. Back in the reader, Jim!