Another Not Quite So Sucky Drawing Book from Watson-Guptill

In the previous, dearly departed incarnation of the blog that goes PING, I mentioned that there was a Watson-Guptill comics drawing book which was not edited by Christopher Hart, and it seemed not to suck as completely as the ones that are (this one). I just noticed another one — it’s called Scared, how to draw fantastic horror comic characters, by Steve Miller and Bryan Baugh.

The sweet thing is, it contains awesome art by greats like Bernie Wrightson, Art Adams, Frank Cho, Mitch Byrd, and others. There’s a lot of crap and filler too, and I probably won’t get it just because I don’t want a book full of rotting zombie illustrations in the house for my kids to find, but it seems like a neat book.

2 thoughts on “Another Not Quite So Sucky Drawing Book from Watson-Guptill”

  1. Cool! Reviews of both my books and neither completely suck! I have a new one on how to draw dinos out early next year. I’m shooting for a zero suckage percentile on that one. Seriously, thanks for the kind words, I aim to please.

    -Steve Miller

  2. Wow, Steve, thanks! I’m sorry I took down the entry about your other book, _Freaks_. I did buy that one, and the note in this entry doesn’t convey how very much I liked it.

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