MSNBC on Vote “Irregularities” in Ohio and Florida

The biggest noise up till this point has been about magical Bush-vote inflation in Jeb-land — Florida. But apparently in Ohio one of the last counties to report, which clinched the Bush vote, counted its votes in secret (which is highly irregular) on the basis of bogus terrorism concerns.

Awesome video account of this and other Ohio problems on MSNBC, video courtesy of duffyb at

Very worth your while. Quicktime.

Words like “tampered with” and “cover-up” come up a lot.

Also a really accessible guide to the Florida irregularities.

And Nader is championing a recount! GO NADER! GO NADER! GO NADER!

Also a story about the Congressmen (incluing John Conyers, D-MI) championing an investigation by the GAO.