Lone Gunmen, Plane crash, WTC, Foreign Terrorists

This still amazes me. Six months before 9/11, the Lone Gunmen show (X-Files spinoff)’s pilot episode was about a secret faction within the government taking control of an airliner by remote control and crashing it into the world trade center, and blaming foreign terrorists.

The tinfoil hat warriors at propaganda matrix put the relevant clips online (windows media format) for all to see.

Freaky to watch with hindsight.

It’s not as terrifyingly deja vu as it might be because it happens at night instead of during the day, so the look of the whole thing is different. (And of course there’s only ONE plane. And it doesn’t actually hit the WTC cause the Lone Gunmen save the day.)

But it’s still hella freaky to watch.

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  1. GIBBIE here, dude. T’was my words of prophecy, spoken to Chris Carter in 1974, 27 years before it happened, and produced into a teleplay and aired six months before it happened.

    I am currently writing to several prominent scientists in the Paranormal field, as well as the Skeptics who refuse to believe in such silly notions. So far, I’ve written to Rupert Sheldrake (pro) and Robert Morris (con).

    Pay attention now, because I’m about to name real people (outside of Hollywood’s entertainment industry) who have experienced my incredible gifts first hand! Take Michale Shermer, my old Psych Prof at Glendale City College (where I worked my way through school as the full-time Groundskeeper, and where several of amazing stories take place). I presented to him an incredible story as it was unfolding, not afterwards! Sure, my story sounded crazy! But I had hoped he would at least listen with the open mind of a scientist – but he did not. He rejected it out of hand, based upon his mantra of: “There’s no proof! There’s no proof!” That’s what he repeatedly chanted as he ran away from me as fast as his short little legs could carry him. Now there’s proof, Mr. Shermer! Why won’t you enage me in debate now! Afraid your precious crutch of limited scientific interpretation won’t hold up against the overwhelming evidence?

    I had correctly identified the mystery Serial Arsonist who was torching tinder dry juniper beds on campus. The gossipy secretaries had all incriminated me as the culprit, based upon flimsy evidence, erroneous thinking, and their personal predjudices against me.

    I was called into Mike Sommers’ office, as he was the head of Campus Security. It was a state job, and he was a real cop, although his entire crew consisted of student guards, aka wanna-be cops studying criminal justice. Most of these macho bozos couldn’t stand me either, mostly because I could think circles around them, but also because I earned really good money in my full-time job as the gardener, and they earned slave wages.

    Mr. Sommers wanted to question me further about the evidence I had turned into him; a simple incindiary bomb that had failed to work properly. I’d found it tucked deeply inside a bush I was trimming. It was comprised of a lit cigarette threaded through a full book of matches. The cigarette acted as a time delay fuse, allowing the perpetrator to get away from the arson site before it went up in a blaze of glory. This one had failed to set a fire, most likely because it was shoved too deeply into the bush, and was deprived of oxygen. The cigarette was gone, and the matches had all burned up, and some dead leaves (junipers are chock full of dead branches and leaves) were blackened. I did the right thing, and turned it in to Campus Security, as I felt I was as much an active part of the criminal investigation as anyone. I was told my Mr. Sommers about the cigarette fuse part, which I didn’t know about, and couldn’t know about, as it had burned up and fell away.

    City of Glendale Fire Captain John Orr was there in Mike’s office. Mr. Sommers aid he had some questions for me. I said I was glad to help. After awhile of their going around in circles, asking a series of really stupid questions over and over, and then claiming my secondary answers didn’t match my first answers (Cop logic as applied by an ignoramous!) Mike Sommers finally just blurted out to me: “Why don’t you just confess?”

    “What?” I replied. “Because I didn’t do it!” I was shocked. Here I thought I was helping them by obtaining evidence. I thought they wanted more info on where and how I’d found the stuff, but they were looking to incriminate me as the arsonist! Every question they asked me, I tried to answer using my knowlege of the material world, and the laws of science, by making educated guesses. I honestly didn’t think they could be so stupid as to not know that a fire would go out if deprived of oxygen. I was asked why I was trimming that particular bush, and it was suggested to be suspicious that I’d chosen to trim that aprticular bush on that particular day… ? ? ? BZZZZZZ! WRONG!

    Anyway — My intuition told me that John Orr was the arsonist! I told everyone who would listen that he was the very firebug he was looking for! I sought out the advice and help of my psych professor, Michael Shermer, as my academic mentor. I shared with him my fears that the true criminal, John Orr, might try to frame me for the crimes he committed! He would surely know how to do so, being a famous Arson Investigator! Fact was, he was often the keynote speaker at Arson Investigator Conventions (yes, they have them!). He was condiered the best Arson Investigator in the Western United States. Mr. Shermer refused to listen to me. He thought I was crazy, and ran away from me.

    I tried to tell anyone who would listen that John Orr was the Arsonist! My claims seemd to be too wild to take seriously. My coworker (a true geek) just laughed his ass off at me, taunting me with his belief that I was going to go to jail! It was now a murder investigation, as several elderly people died in their homes, in the case of Serial Arsonist the local press had dubbed “The College Hills Arsonist”.

    NOVA did a one-hour Documentary special on John Orr titled: “The Hunt for the Serial Arsonist”

  2. John Orr was finally arrested and convicted of the crimes in question, but not until long after I had suffered the slings and arrows of false accusation by amateur detectives, some of whom were actually paid to do such work! (Mike Sommers). I had left the job a few years later, gone off to a four year school, and then moved away to Hawaii. I didn’t find out when it first happened, being away, but only after returning to visit my old coworkers at GCC in 1994.

    BTW — I’ve just learned that Joseph Waumbaugh is writing a book about John Orr. I’ve got to contact him!

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