Personal Linkage

Who do you have connections to?

I worked as a driver for an old, rich man who had gone to boarding school with George H.W. Bush.

I gamed with the designer of the game Villains & Vigilantes once, when he lived in Grand Rapids.

A friend of mine I see occasionally is fairly tight with the guy who designed the Amber RPG.

I gave away two black cats to the guy who did the Elvish translations for the Lord of the Rings movies.

My great grandfather was a well known missionary to the Navajo.

My wife has met and hung out with a large number of science fiction authors in the course of helping run a science fiction convention.

I chat regularly with the former editor of Linux Today and Linux Planet.

I know somebody who’s got his own about:// page in one of the most popular Linux browser (Galeon).

I know somebody who used to hang out and game with the Slashdot guys.

I know somebody who’s friends with at least one well known Catholic theologian from Chicago.

I corresponded with Mark Turner when I was in grad school, before my academic spirit died the death. Turner has written some great books including co-authored ones with George Lakoff, who’s getting well known lately for his analysis of political discourse.

What famous (famous to everybody or just famous to you, with respect to things you know or care about) people are you linked to, directly or indirectly, in interesting ways?

Consider this a meme I just came up with. Post it to your livejournals or something. :)

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