The Internets Veterans For Truth, And A Peek Inside Iraq

The Internets Veterans For Truth is an archive of electionally relevant or amusing video. They have bittorrents as well as direct downloads available.

In the “electionally relevant but not at all amusing” category is this video. It’s a little peek into the war in Iraq. You get to listen to and watch American soldiers kill people. And you have to think — George W. Bush is in large part responsible for both sides of this — for the sudden horrible death of those Iraqis, and for the fact that there are now a lot more Americans who have been put in a position where they have had to kill.

It’s not good for people to kill. It’s not good for people to die, but it’s not good for people to kill, either.

We’re up to 100,000 dead Iraqi civilians now, not counting Falluja (which could double that number) — that’s just the civilians. Is it worth it? Is it really worth it? Saddam was a terrible dictator, but at what point does the cure for Saddam become worse than the disease? Things are going to get worse there before they get better. We are fighting a land war in Asia against an insurgency which has popular sympathy and support. Does that sound familiar to anyone?

War is a bad idea. You should avoid war if you possibly can. There are usually better ways to get things done than fighting wars. This is a basic truth of life, that is completely lost on the Bush administration, because very few of them have ever actually been in a war, and many of them have taken steps to make sure that they personally didn’t have to serve even in the wars they supported.

Vote Kerry on Tuesday, OK?