Things are tough all over these days.  I thought it’d be worth at least checking to see if I can earn anything from adsense on the blog.  It looks like butt and has sleazy pharmaceutical ads, though.  I’m going to leave them there just in case they do any good, and recommend Adblock Plus to anyone they annoy.

6 thoughts on “Adpology”

  1. I turned off AdBlock on your domain. I don’t need Canadian Ambien, but once AdSense decides just what your site is about, I’d rather send a few pennies your way than not should something interesting come up.

    Personally, I’m a lot less conflicted about passive AdSense stuff than I am affiliate programs. The former just floats stuff it thinks might be interesting to your visitors in a way that’s out of your control, the latter will inevitably make me wonder whether something you think is OMG AWESOME!1!! is really awesome, or if you’re just hoping to get me to buy it.

  2. “It looks like butt.” Well, your choice, $$ over aesthetics – surprises me, though.

    Note that some readers don’t have the option to install adblock on their computers (for example, if they are a work without admin rights).

    I’m sorta surpised that you would play the dancing monkey for advertisers you don’t, yourself, necessarily support.

    Are you comfortable with your choice or do you struggl with it? I’m not being judgemental, just wondering what’s running through your mind.


  3. Hey! Content sensitivity just kicked in and the pharmacy ads went away! Cool!

    My choice was based on the idea that it if there were any way I could be making money right now that I was ignoring, it would be irresponsible of me to continue to do so. It seems unlikely that I’ll make more than a few pennies this way, but I won’t know until I try.

  4. Ed That Goes Ping :
    It seems unlikely that I’ll make more than a few pennies this way, but I won’t know until I try.

    Yeah … AdSense doesn’t do much. Dan Lyons (Fake Steve Jobs) mentioned how a banner month for him (1.5 million visits? 1.5 million uniques? can’t tell) netted him just over $1,000.

    The theme of that piece is that blogging doesn’t pay, which is disputable. People rightly pointed out that he wasn’t really trying if all he was doing was AdSense. On the Web in general more money is in the ads people go out and sell to specific advertisers because they’ve got strong audiences in the right market. In the blogging world, the next step up seems to be going with an ad network that caters to the same niche you do, which just means that the ad network’s people are out hustling the advertisers interested in that niche.

    Thing is, even if you’re not even going to pay for your hosting doing this, it doesn’t hurt to get your feet wet and start thinking about other options.

  5. @Ed That Goes Ping
    Do you get $$ if people adblock? How does that work?

    And I think I agree – when times are hard and you are trying to scrape together whatever you can to help the family, it does seem irresponsible to overlook any opportunity.

    Hope things get better, bro.

  6. Yo, Ed, I was thinking maybe you could try tutoring, online, in Latin? As I consider revisiting Latin as a hobby, I thought you might find plenty of students who might need someone to assist their studies. You’ve an MA in it, yeah?

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