Dripping Venom on the Comics Page

The Comics Curmudgeon… I don’t know why I started reading it, but I can’t stop. Take the vicious bad attitude that gossip bloggers reserve for Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, and Tom Cruise, and apply it to Mark Trail, Mary Worth, and the Family Circus. That’s the Curmudgeon. The Curmudgeon pays way, way too much attention to every turn of phrase and nuance of third-rate art in the strips, and everything he sees disturbs, disgusts, or appalls him. And he lets his readers know. I’m hooked.

4 thoughts on “Dripping Venom on the Comics Page”

  1. Welcome to the club, Ed. I’ve been hooked for months. I added Gil Thorp to my uComics daily email just because Josh ranks on the strip so much.

  2. jbm — so the whole thing is a net win for Gil Thorp’s creator. Cool. :)

    jonathan — hadn’t seen it, but I’m gonna check it out.

  3. I started reading the comics crumugeon over a year ago. Mostly for his Rex Morgan MD rants, since then I have gotten hooked on his commentary on Apt. 3G, Mary Worth and FBOFW.

    Really good blog.

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