Happy Holidays Commercial

The holiday commercial for Macs (vs PCs) made me laugh, because it has some nerd cred: one of the things that sucks about programming for PCs is you typically need to do it in C++, whereas on the mac you get to use tasty Objective-C. (Unless you’re me, in which case you are stuck in a C++ API anyway because you use a cross-platform toolkit which happens to be done in C++…)

The embodiment of the PC, by the way, is comedian and author John Hodgman, who uses a Mac.

1 thought on “Happy Holidays Commercial”

  1. Geez, I dunno – whenever I watch wunna them Mac/PC commercials, the PC guy seems so much more likable – goofy, shlubby, more human. Unlike the smug, cooler-than-thou Mac guy. I’m almost surprised they let me buy a machine. Then again, dog rescue turned me down several times, so….

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