Mac Thrash Alert

Now that I’ve upgraded to Tiger, I want an alert that pops up and says “mds, the metadata service in OS X 10.4, has decided to pop its head up and thrash for a few minutes. Don’t bother working or anything, you won’t be able to do so effectively till it’s done. Go get a soda.” Cause as it is, I just have to figure that out from the thrashing. I eventually manage to get Activity Monitor fired up in spite of the thrashing, and yes, there is mds, not taking up too much CPU but spanking the disk drive. Soda time!

UPDATE: What do you know, a few hours later, I feel the thrash, and open up Activity Monitor, and there’s mds! PPC linux looking better all the time…

9 thoughts on “Mac Thrash Alert”

  1. When I lived in north carolina I trained myself to say “soda” instead of “pop.” Now that I’m back in “pop”-land, I can’t help it, I still tend to say “soda.” Overcompensating.

  2. I think if you stopped talking about PPC Linux, Mac OS X would behave. It’s afraid of being down-sized. :)

  3. The thrash seems to have subsided thanks to the link in James’s comment which suggested reindexing completely. Now I’m just annoyed by 10.4’s general sluggishness, which Michael suggests is probably a matter of my only having 384M in this thing. (“Only” 384M… *sigh*)

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