The Erol Otus Shrine

The Erol Otus Shrine: if you are a truly old school gamer, your brain is full of Erol Otus images from ancient TSR products. Sometimes I disliked his stuff because it can be so darn ugly, but some of it is quite wonderful. And he drew one of the finest illustrations of Great Cthulhu ever.

2 thoughts on “The Erol Otus Shrine”

  1. Ah, Erol Otus. The greatest RPG artist past, present, and future. I could go on and on about his line weight and inking style, but I’d probably put everyone (including myself) to sleep. Suffice it to say: I wanna be Erol Otus when I grow up!

  2. The man’s got such great storytelling sense. He’s doing module covers for d20 Classics that are just as distinctive and imaginative as the work he did 30 years ago. Maybe with a bit more humor.

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