Fallujah Horrors

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“We don’t need you here! Get the fuck out of here! Bring back Saddam! Even he was better than you animals! We don’t want to die by your hands, so get out of here! We can take care of our own people!â€? […]

“They kicked all the journalists out of Fallujah so they could do whatever they want,� says Kassem Mohammed Ahmed, who just escaped from Fallujah three days ago, “The first thing they did is they bombed the hospitals because that is where the wounded have to go. Now we see that wounded people are in the street and the soldiers are rolling over them with tanks. This happened so many times. What you see on the TV is nothing-that is just one camera. What you cannot see is so much.�

2 thoughts on “Fallujah Horrors”

  1. Compassion for the soldiers
    War hurts more than the innocent. American soldiers and Iraqi insurgents face the horrors of war alongside children and other civilians caught in war. While those flown to war have more choice than those already there, the pain and hurt exists nonetheless. War’s pain afflicts all involved. And so love must be extended to all as well. War and Children: More than the Innocent.

  2. I agree wholeheartedly. The soldiers who are put in a position where they must habituate themselves to killing — and must risk killing innocents — to survive, are victims themselves. What we are doing to our own soldiers in this war we needlessly started is its own horror.

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