Kerry Presidency would be damage control at best now.

I would be very happy to see Kerry take the presidency after all, because I believe that a Bush presidency will mean significantly more war, torture, killing, exploitation of the poor for the sake of the rich, and assault on civil rights than a Kerry presidency. Not to mention the scary Supreme Court possibilities under Bush.

But that said… America has spoken, and it has spoken with a voice of fear and hate. Bush has the popular vote, even if Kerry pulls Ohio out of his ass by some miracle. The Rethuglicans have a stranglehold on Congress. 11 states passed proposals in favor of discrimination against homosexuals.

In the big picture, the illiberals have won and decency and civility has lost, whichever way Kerry goes.

And while, again, I would be thrilled with a Kerry presidency for the reasons given above, it would be damage control, and it would set Kerry up as a scapegoat, framed to take the blame for the myriad economic and military fiascos of the Bush administration. And the Rethuglican congress would prevent him from doing anything worthwhile. I would not enjoy seeing that.

So either way, America and the world loses.