Overcompensating: Blog Song

Overcompensating: Actual Things That Happen to Jeffrey Rowland: Blog Song

With the new iBlogoscope Pro you can wriggle blindly through the moist, decaying flesh of free information just like the maggot you are. Three hundred and sixty degrees of things you never really needed to know about.Just kidding, Blogosphere, you know I consider you mildly digestible on occasion. But I’m calling you the Blogodrome from now on. You know it’s cooler!

The comic itself made me laugh.  I’m hooked on Jeffrey Rowland’s stuff.

Webcomics Inter-Reference

OK, I never read Queen of Wands, but I’d met its hero Kestrel in Something Positive during some crossovers.

When Queen of Wands ended, there was a lot of speculation that Kestrel would join Something Positive, and by way of reply R.K. Milholland hit her with a car. (Well, it was actually Chex from Checkerboard Nightmare driving the car, I found out via Websnark, the Blog That Reads Many More Webcomics Than Me.

Anyway, apparently reports of her death were greatly exaggerated. Fun.

Not that I have any investment in Kestrel — didn’t read the comic. But it’s kinda cool to see her again.