More Grooviness

I’m looking into really moving to and I’ve been looking at their DNS options. They’ll do DNS for you for 2 cents a day ($7.30 a year, $7.32 in leap years). That ain’t too shabby! (Not including registration fees of course.) Of course if I really wanted to go on the cheap I could use a public DNS service too, like granitecanyon.

The other hotness is that they actually have LISP (GNU CLISP) available for CGI’s on the server! And Ruby! (No Rails support that I know of though.) And their Perl support is up to date and thorough. Rock.

EDIT: and as of now, is hosted fully off of Let’s see how it goes.

Gwen “Soggy Bottom” Stefani

Really well done mashup of Gwen Stefani’s “Hollaback Girl” and the Soggy Bottom Boys’ “Man of Constant Sorrow.”

I’m so musically clueless that I don’t know the original tunes to a lot of the mashups that come out. Ones where I do know the originals I enjoy.

Oh, here’s another one from mashuptown — She Sells Grapevines. “Heard It Through the Grapevine” + “She Sells Sanctuary.” The latter I will always remember from a local band covering it in an outdoor concert my freshman year of college.

Fake “Black Panthers Coloring Book” From the 70s

Quoting the site:

This coloring book, which was purported to be from the Black Panthers, had actually been rejected by them when it was brought to them by a man later revealed to have intelligence connections. Not to be troubled by the fact that the Panthers found the coloring book revolting, the FBI added even more offensive illustrations, and mass mailed it across America. It so infuriated the white population that they stopped listening to the legitimate grievances of the black people.

So apparently this is what American intelligence wanted white America to think that the Black Panthers wanted black America to think. If I’ve got that all sorted out.